Wind and Swell

For this new version 0.3.3, we have merge on one page “swell”, the Douglas scale and the formulas associated to the wave, and on another page “wind”, the Beaufort scale and the formulas associated to the wind speed for clarity.

For the waves, it is still possible to compute the wave length and wave speed based on the period, or to compute the period based on the wave length. You can also compute the encountered wave period associated to the ship speed, wave period, and wave direction. By clicking on the edit button on the right, you can choose which parameter to compute and turn the formula according to your needs.

With the creation of the “wind” page, a new formula has been added to compute the wind speed at any height based on the standard wind speed at 10m height. This estimation is based on a logarithmic law as used to simplify the boundary layer on the sea and land.

We also take time to correct some bugs which could appeared when you used the textfield for the calculation form. If you find any new bugs or have any comment, we stay in contact at .

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